Force India: Haas in the wrong, not Renault

Force India: Haas in the wrong, not Renault

Force India: Haas in the wrong, not Renault

Force India technical chief Andrew Green believes there is no way Haas can win the appeal over their Monza banning and has defended Renault’s actions.

Renault protested the floor of Haas’ VF-18 in the wake of the Italian Grand Prix, a race that Romain Grosjean finished in sixth place.

The team’s floor was found to be outside the regulations and the drivers were excluded from the results.

Haas have launched an appeal, which will be heard November 1, as they feel there is more to the story with regards to their interactions with the FIA over the technical directive relating to the floor.

They also feel that Renault broke a gentlemen’s agreement by not informing Haas that they may protest after the race.

Green says Haas are in the wrong, Renault weren’t.

“There was a technical directive from the FIA, telling everybody, not just Haas, these are the regulations, and you need to abide by them by Monza. Plenty of time,” he told

“That’s a completely different scenario from thinking that someone’s illegal and then doing a sneaky on them at the end of a race, which tends not to happen.

“We tend to talk to the FIA, the FIA will then go and talk to the team, and they’ll sort it out.

“But when you get a directive from the FIA, you follow it, otherwise you end up being excluded. That’s what’s happened.

“It’s not a gentleman’s agreement. It’s what the regulations are there for.”

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