New circuit planners eye F1 return to Madrid

Jamie Woodhouse
Formula 1 Spain

Formula 1 could return to Madrid at new speedway circuit.

A project to build a high-speed circuit in the Madrid municipality of Morata de Tajuña is set to begin – and Formula 1 is the goal.

Morata de Tajuña, Madrid, home to around 7,500 people, has been chosen by promoter Stream Motor Fire as the location where a privately-funded circuit will be built with the aim of bringing Formula 1 and MotoGP back to Madrid.

Formula 1 last raced in Madrid back in 1981 when Gilles Villeneuve won the Spanish Grand Prix for Ferrari at Jarama.

Since then, the Spanish Grand Prix has been held at Jerez and Barcelona, while the European GP was staged on a street circuit in Valencia between 2008 and 2012. report that 60 hectares of land, made up of old quarries, has been purchased by the developers for the project.

“The speed circuit would be 4.5 kilometres long, with a finish line of 650 metres, six curves to the right and seven to the left and a maximum width of 20 metres (14 on the finish straight),” the report reads. 

“The initial design includes a first wide curve to the right, with access from pits to the inside; a first sector with several fast S’s and direction and slope changes; a second sector with some heavy braking and a parabolic; it will also include a five-vertex curve from which cars will come out at more than 200km/h and an 850-metre finish straight.”

Speaking to, Angel Sánchez, mayor of Morata de Tajuña, said: “Five years ago, the promoters contacted us because they were looking for terrain to build a speedway. We saw it was an interesting project which can energise the economy of the area.

“The Sports Council of the Community of Madrid and the Spanish motor racing and motorcycling federations are supporting the project.”

The circuit would be ready for use in three years’ time under the plans, with the hope of Formula 1 and MotoGP visiting within five years.

“From the beginning, we tried to check these were not people who were coming here to speculate with the land,” added Sánchez.

“In fact, the clause of the sale of the land included that it was for the intended use and that in five years, after obtaining the licence, everything has to be finished. If in 10 years they stop pursuing it, the land would revert to the town council. We wanted a project for the town.”

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Manuel Aviñó, president of the Royal Spanish Motorsport Federation, added: “It is a project we are very excited about. I think it’s great for the world of motorsport.

“Spain is a leading country in terms of motorsport infrastructure and the possibility of a circuit like this one will highlight even more the Spanish brand in a city as legendary as Madrid.

“We must be excited and hopeful that this project will go ahead, because it will be of great help to motorsport in its different championships. From here, we will be at the disposal of the organisation that is taking it forward and hopefully in the not-too-distant future we will see it built.

“I’m sure there will be local and international interest because it will be interesting for teams and individuals. It will be very interesting to present a second bid in the Madrid region.”

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