Netflix series not ‘hugely profitable’ for Formula 1

Mark Scott


F1’s managing director of motorsport, Ross Brawn, has said Netflix’s Formula 1 documentary series is not “hugely profitable” for the sport – but does still have a key value.

Season two of ‘Drive to Survive’ has recently released on the streaming platform, providing fans new and old with a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes in Formula 1.

There is an expectation that the documentary series would provide financial gain for Formula 1, but Brawn says its value lies elsewhere instead.

“I think it was really great to show the fans the other side of F1, because most of the fans have only seen what goes on at the track or the interviews at the track,” Brawn is quoted by, speaking at an event for new F1 partner 188Bet.

“Suddenly you see behind the scenes, both at the race tracks and at the factories and the bases the teams operate from. I think it gave people a fascinating insight.

“What we’ve discovered is it’s been very appealing to the non-race fan: in fact it turned them into race fans. Some of the promoters in the past season have said they’ve definitely measured the increase in interest in F1 that has come from the Netflix series.

“And while Netflix in itself wasn’t for us a hugely profitable venture, in terms of giving greater coverage for F1, it’s been fantastic. And that’s the type of initiative that we’re doing, we’re looking at taking a holistic view of how we can lift F1.”

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