Formula 1 pays tribute to Alonso

Formula 1 pays tribute to Fernando Alonso

Formula 1 pays tribute to Fernando Alonso

The Formula 1 paddock has reacted to news that Fernando Alonso is walking away at the end of this season, wishing the Spaniard well.

On Tuesday Alonso announced that this year’s championship would be his last in Formula 1, at least for now.

He said: “Let’s see what the future brings; new exciting challenges are around the corner. I’m having one of the happiest times ever in my life but I need to go on exploring new adventures.

“I want to thank everyone at McLaren. My heart is with the team forever. I know they will come back stronger and better in the future and it could be the right moment for me to be back in the series; that would make me really happy.”

Drivers present and past have reacted to the news.

One, Lando Norris, was more interested in Alonso’s announcement than most and well he should be as he waits in the McLaren wings for his chance to race in Formula 1.

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Renault remembered the great times…

As did the official F1 website…

But it was perhaps F1 Writers that best summed it up for many a fan.

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