Only three Sprints confirmed for 2022 season

Henry Valantine
Monza Formula 1 sprint qualifying. September Monza 2021

The start of the second sprint race gets underway at the Italian Grand Prix. September Monza 2021

The FIA has confirmed Formula 1 Sprints will take place at just three races in 2022, rather than the six they had planned initially.

There had been a stand-off surrounding Sprints in 2022, as several teams would not agree to the proposals in front of them initially – with Mercedes and Red Bull reportedly wanting up to an extra $5million in budget to account for the additional running and potential for damage.

However, the FIA announced that “cost cap adjustments for Sprint events will remain unchanged from 2021”, meaning that the fees the teams receive will not be increasing, but members of the F1 Commission voted unanimously to approve the three events.

Formula 1 had planned to run six Sprints after three trials in 2021, but a compromise has now been agreed to run three again this season – which will be hosted at the Emilia Romagna, Austrian and Brazilian Grands Prix.

The FIA explained that a part of their decision to drop the number of Sprints came down to the effect of the increased workload on the teams, with a record 23-race calendar already in place for the new season.

Valtteri Bottas leads during sprint qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix. Monza September 2021.

A statement from the FIA said: “Following a review of the three Sprint events that took place in 2021 and a recognition by all that the format created positive benefits for the sport, three Sprint events were proposed for 2022, acknowledging this as a sensible number in light of the pressures already on the teams for this season with the introduction of major changes to the regulations.

“The Commission unanimously approved the three Sprint events for the coming season, incorporating a number of updates to the format based on the feedback of fans, media and teams.”

The trials had awarded World Championship points to the top three drivers in the Sprint format last season, but this has now been expanded to the top eight drivers – with eight points for finishing P1, going down by a point per place all the way down to one point for the driver in P8.


As for the official pole position, this will now go to the driver who finishes P1 in the standard qualifying session on Sprint weekends, having been given to the winner of the Sprint session beforehand.

Like last season, a standard qualifying session will take place on the Friday of a race weekend, before the Sprint on the Saturday, which will subsequently form the grid for the race on Sunday.

Interlagos will be the only track to host a repeat of a Sprint this season, with Silverstone and Monza not selected on this occasion.

The FIA also confirmed that a public statement on the next steps following their investigation into how the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was handled will be released soon, including news of “structural changes and [an] action plan” for the sport moving forward.


Steiner expects three sprint races in 2022

Guenther Steiner expects us to see three sprint races this season.