F1 teams go technical on the coronavirus

Jamie Woodhouse
Formula 1 teams go technical on the coronavirus.

Formula 1 teams go technical on the coronavirus.

Four Formula 1 teams will come together to design technology in the fight against the coronavirus, according to a report.

Racefans.net are reporting that Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams are ready to put their minds together to design equipment which can be used to help people suffering from the virus.

Over 7,000 people have now died from the pandemic worldwide and governments have asked for help from companies with experience in engineering and cutting edge technology.

The report states that teams could help with designing ventilators to assist the breathing of those worst affected, since the virus attacks the lungs.

The topic was discussed in a conference call between F1’s marketing representatives and the teams yesterday, and in theory the teams should have spare time to work on the projects with Formula 1 on hold, though it’s unclear from the report how the pandemic would effect this with lots staff working from home.

Mercedes, Red Bull, McLaren and Williams have now reportedly begun researching how they can design and develop the medical equipment, with the other teams apparently prepared to assist if they are needed.

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