Vasseur: No time for parts development in 2020

Jamie Woodhouse
Frederic Vasseur warns that a packed F1 calendar would be "very costly".

Frederic Vasseur warns that a packed F1 calendar would be "very costly".

Alfa Romeo principal Fred Vasseur believes teams will be so busy building parts this season that there will be no time to develop new ones.

That is of course if Liberty Media’s plans take off – they hope to put together a calendar of at least 15 races for this season after the opening eight rounds were shelved due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A new calendar would likely see races almost every weekend in the second half of 2020, with some perhaps spilling over into 2021.

And such a situation means teams would be so busy building the parts, that developing new ones would be almost impossible, according to Vasseur.

Speaking to, he said: “As soon as our shutdown is over, we will be back to work for the current season.

“But if we have fifteen to eighteen races in a row, we will need a huge stock of parts to start the season.

“We will therefore be particularly busy producing, as we will hardly be back in the factory between races. So the 2020 season will be a slightly different affair. I think we will see less development on the cars during the season. But we will face other challenges.”

Vasseur also believes it would be difficult for any struggling teams to work their way up the grid in such a situation.

“It is indeed better to have a good car from the start, if you have fifteen races – or any amount of races – in quick succession,” he said with a smile.

“It will be quite difficult – I will not say impossible because nothing is impossible – to come back [from a bad start to the season], at least much more difficult than if you had ten months. That’s a fact. But that’s the situation and in the end we don’t have much to complain about.”

Vasseur was clear though that holding as many races as possible in 2020 is vital, because “this would be to save Formula 1.”

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