‘New level of professionalism’ vs ‘excellent all-rounder’ – Ferrari verdict on 2025 drivers

Henry Valantine
Lewis Hamilton walks with future Ferrari team-mate Charles Leclerc.

Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc will be Ferrari team-mates in 2025.

Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur has given his views on how both Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc are to work with, having been with both through their junior careers.

Vasseur was team principal of ART Grand Prix when Hamilton flew through the junior ranks and met Leclerc at a young age, before managing him in his first Formula 1 seat at Sauber.

Ferrari boss gives lowdown on both 2025 drivers

In a video interview with French publication L’Equipe where he discusses the drivers in Formula 1 with whom he has worked, Vasseur was effusive in his praise for both Hamilton and Leclerc.

On Hamilton, having worked with him in the junior categories, he established an early working relationship that has maintained with a friendship that lasts to this day – and will restart with Ferrari next season.

Having won titles with him before, Vasseur explained the experience he had with Hamilton as a young driver.

He said of the current Mercedes man: “He’s a driver with whom we won in F3, in F2 with ART, with whom I’ve remained close, who is the absolute record-holder of F1 victories, and who has, likewise, this level of demand on the team, but when it’s on the team it’s also true of himself.

“Lewis is one of those who has set the bar extremely high and who has certainly brought a new level of professionalism to F1.”

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And on Leclerc, Vasseur explained that he has a base understanding with Ferrari’s current driver that stretches back to knowing him when he was a child.

As a result, they are able to communicate quickly without much need for idle conversation.

But on his driving, he remains a big supporter, and thinks he has what it takes to succeed on all levels.

He said of Leclerc’s style: “A very good compromise of everything, and for me it has the added advantage of having known him when he was very young.

“You don’t need to talk much, you understand each other quickly, and sometimes a glance is enough to know whether the other is happy or not. I think he’s an excellent all-rounder.”

Ferrari currently sit second in the Constructors’ standings heading into the Miami Grand Prix this weekend, with their sole race win of the season so far having come through the outgoing Carlos Sainz in Australia.

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