Vasseur willing to stay at Alfa, but wants assurances

Tom Rawcliffe
Fred Vasseur

Fred Vasseur

Fred Vasseur has said he is happy to remain team principal at Alfa Romeo, so long as they discuss the future of their project.

Vasseur, who joined the team then known as Sauber in 2017, oversaw a difficult 2020 for the Swiss constructor as they finished P8 and just short of 100 points behind the next best – AlphaTauri.

That was a significant change from the 2019 season, but not all too surprising given the problematic Ferrari power unit making for a less competitive car.

The COVID-19 pandemic also didn’t help their chances as they suffered financial difficulties, and Vasseur says at times their thoughts were mainly on survival.

When asked if he will continue as team principal if given the chance, GPFans Global quote Vasseur as saying: “Yeah, but we need to discuss the project and what the future of the project is.

“I can’t say that I had a good year because it was tough and it was tough for everybody. We were more in survival mode than anything else, but I am happy with the job done.

“I think compared to two years ago, we have made a huge step forward. We must also bear in mind we were very often fighting with Ferrari, and if you consider the size of the team and the budget we have, I think it wasn’t too bad.

“You can’t always expect more but I am always expecting more. It is how it is.”

Part of those expectations will no doubt be to break away from Haas and Williams at the back of the grid, and to avoid the kind of fight which they endured during the 2020 season.

Whether or not they can do that largely relies on the engine they receive from Ferrari, though, so plans for now are somewhat out of their own hands.

Vasseur also stressed the added burden which the financial side of things put on the team last year, and the budget cap coming in for 2021 will be another thing to consider.

Vassuer said: “We had a very difficult season. First on the technical side, we had to react. It was a big challenge, but also on the financial side. The prices were huge for the team.

“Like a couple of teams, we had no guarantee on the price of the solution and the way it impacted us was mega huge and either way, we had to find a solution and now we are focused on the future. We will take the time to discuss this.”

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