Gasly: ‘Always the same thing’ with Ocon

Pierre Gasly: 'It is always the same thing' with Ocon

Pierre Gasly: 'It is always the same thing' with Ocon

Pierre Gasly believes that he has become accustomed to Esteban Ocon’s antics, after their battle in Mexico on Sunday.

The two Frenchman came close to contact during the race, with Gasly feeling like he had been forced off the track by the Force India driver.

The pair went wheel-to-wheel at Turn 4 in the closing stages of the grand prix, with the stewards deeming that the Toro Rosso driver went off as a result of a lock-up, not Ocon’s challenge.

Gasly did eventually pass Ocon to take the final point in Mexico, but remained unhappy with his compatriot’s racing.

“With Ocon it’s always the same thing. I’ve known him for a long time, there are a lot of chances that things happen,” Gasly said after the race.

“I think he wasn’t very happy that I had started last and managed to overtake him, so he pushed me wide and I had to go off track.

“I could have forced my way in Turn 5 and we would have had contact, but it wasn’t worth it, as I could have another go after that.”

“For me it wasn’t fair, because you leave the space for one car, but if they say you can race aggressively, I don’t mind.”

Gasly looked back to what happened in Great Britain, after he was given a penalty for forcing Sergio Perez wide in the final few laps.

The Frenchman was awarded a five-second penalty for the incident at Silverstone, which dropped him out of the points that day.

“I think compare it with many other situations, like with me in Silverstone, so it seems to be quite a grey area, as normally you should leave space for one car and clearly there wasn’t space for one car there,” he said.

“In the end I don’t care, because I finished ahead of him [Ocon] and I scored one point, and he didn’t score points.”

Gasly also confirmed that he would speak to FIA race director Charlie Whiting to see what is and is not permitted when racing on track.

“I’ll try to speak to Charlie about it, just to know, because if this is allowed then I know what I can do,” he said.

“I need to look at the footage again, but from the cockpit it looked too aggressive for me, I had to go off track.

“Probably if I had finished behind him, I would have a different view, but today I finished in front.”