Gasly not ‘stressed’ about Red Bull future

Mark Scott
Pierre Gasly says Red Bull's decision to do only one run was a mistake and caused his Q1 elimination.

Pierre Gasly says Red Bull's decision to do only one run was a mistake and caused his Q1 elimination.

Pierre Gasly is not feeling the pressure at Red Bull as there are a number of reasons behind why he is not able to perform at the same levels as Max Verstappen.

Gasly’s return of 32 points from the first six races, compared to Verstappen’s 78, has caused the creation of an early start to silly season with Red Bull reportedly opening talks with Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg to replace him.

But Gasly has said there is “no need” for the panic to set in just yet as he and the team are still working through the problems arising throughout his bedding-in period.

“Since the beginning of the season I’ve stated there’s lots of things that didn’t come my way in the weekend and inside the team we know exactly what’s happening,” Gasly said via Motorsport Week.

“Maybe on the outside looking at the result is the only thing you can see but on the inside we have a lot more information so they [Red Bull management] know things didn’t really come my way, we had a couple of issues there.

“I think they’re really supportive, trying to give me the best environment I need to perform and keep developing myself.”

Gasly then compared his current situation to that of Fernando Alonso and his disastrous Indy 500 project with McLaren.

He added: “If you look at the result of Fernando [Alonso] during qualifying [for the Indy 500] it didn’t go well but there are reasons. I think most of the people don’t know [the true story].

“Okay we might hear a few things but exactly what’s happened we don’t really know, and that’s what I’m saying.

“There’s a couple of things that explains sometimes the lack of performance we have, that we know inside the team, and there’s no need to really get stressed or worried.

“I think I need to stay focused on my job and extracting the best I can with the package I have and this is what I stay focused on at the moment.

“There’s surely things I need to improve and adapt to this package but that’s why I’m confident things are going better and better and we’ll be able to extract even more performance in the coming races.”

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