General Motors issue clear response to shock Andretti breakaway rumours

Sam Cooper
GM president Mark Reuss

GM president Mark Reuss has reconfirmed their commitment to Andretti.

General Motors president Mark Reuss has confirmed their company is only interested in partnering with Andretti after reports F1 were looking to break the two parties up.

Having been asked to bring value to their bid, Andretti announced in May they had partnered with the sixth biggest car company in the world, General Motors, with their prospective team running as Andretti-Cadillac.

But while it appears F1 does not want Andretti’s business, they are more than happy to welcome GM into the fold.

Andretti or nothing says General Motors president

News agency Associated Press reported last month that Formula 1 bosses had approached GM asking them to split from Andretti and join either another team or become an independent PU supplier.

Such a move would be a stab in the back for Andretti with the American party currently trying to negotiate their entry into F1 but it appears GM has no plans of jumping ship any time soon.

Speaking to AP, GM president Reuss said it was Andretti or nothing.

“GM is committed to partnering with Andretti to race in F1,” he said.

“The collaboration between Andretti-Cadillac brings together two unique entities built for racing, both with long pedigrees of success in motorsport globally.”

An Andretti team is unlikely to be powered by GM for the first few seasons but there has been talk that PU production will eventually be done in house.

But GM and the technological and financial benefits they could bring is seemingly too much for F1 to ignore and not even just by the sport itself. recommends

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Williams’ James Vowles was perhaps the most brazen in his courting of the juggernaut, saying he would welcome GM “open armed.”

“We’ve been clear from the beginning, more than happy to bring in new entities but the pie has to grow as a result of it, not shrink. So far, it’s just shrinking,” the Williams team boss said.

“For clarity on that, that’s not against either Andretti or GM. Quite the opposite.

“I welcome GM open armed… and I hope to forge a relationship with them should things not work out. They are an incredible entity that I think will make the sport better.”

“We would welcome them at this stage. But they’re clearly linked to Andretti – it’s not a question of that and we’re not in talks with them at the moment.”

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