Why does Russell keep taking out Albon?

Mark Scott
George Russell pleased with "small victories"

George Russell pleased with "small victories"

George Russell has said he just can’t help himself when an opportunity to take out Alex Albon in virtual races comes his way.

The duo have formed part of a regular group of Formula 1 drivers turned Twitch streamers as the racing world remains in lockdown and are doing their bit to entertain the fans on pretty much a daily basis.

One of the pleasures of watching the streams is Albon’s priceless reactions when Russell in particular wipes him out.

“Alex is one of my best mates,” Russell said on Sky Sports F1’s vodcast.

“And the first time it happened, seeing his reaction, made me giggle.

“Second time it happened, seeing his reaction, definitely made me giggle.

“Then after the third or fourth time, I thought ‘right I’m actually going to go out of my way now and take him out’.

“We were doing this lawnmower race, and I like spun off or something, Alex comes by me and goes ‘George, George, please don’t hit me off’.

“He said it so seriously and said he was on a good lap so I just had to do it.”

The IndyCar incident between Lando Norris and Simon Pagenaud stirred debate on whether virtual racing should be taken seriously or not at all.

But Russell said there is a time and place to mess around in some races, but others he will take seriously.

“When we are doing the serious racing, that’s a different thing and I wouldn’t mess around like that,” Russell added.

“Time and effort does go into those [virtual] races, but when we are racing lawnmowers or driving round Suzuka backwards then it’s acceptable.”

Russell and Albon will both be back in action at the latest round of the Virtual Grand Prix series in Spain this weekend, where a certain Sergio Aguero will be making an appearance.

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