Russell feels a duty to entertain during lockdown

Mark Scott
George Russell pleased with "small victories"

George Russell pleased with "small victories"

George Russell has said he feels he has a duty to entertain the fans to try and help fill the racing void during lockdown.

Russell, Lando Norris, Charles Leclerc and Alex Albon have all been regularly streaming on Twitch to provide fans with at least some form of racing content as we continue to go months without the real thing.

The current crop of Formula 1 drivers, of course, are not obligated to strap themselves into their racing sims purely for our entertainment, but the Williams drivers feels a duty to give the people what they want.

“I feel a bit of duty as such to provide a bit of entertainment for the F1 fans,” said Russell in F1’s weekly F1 Nation Podcast.

“We’ve got these amazing, loyal fans out there who have nothing to support and if we can provide a bit of entertainment with Esports stuff or anything we are doing online with streaming and they appreciate and enjoy it, then that’s great.”

Although there is still a little bit of a competitive dynamic between the drivers online, Russell went on to say that it does feel different to what they are used to.

“There are about six of us, myself, Charles, Alex, Lando, Nicholas [Latifi] and Antonio [Giovinazzi], our relationship has grown a little since Esports has come along, especially myself, Alex and Charles,” Russell added.

“We’ve always been friends but we’re talking every day at the moment. It’s a different dynamic from being competitors. Me and Alex are best mates so it’s always been different with me and him.

“But for the rest of us, we’re obviously competitors so it’s not normally natural to have this sort of relationship with these guys, but it’s been good.”

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