Russell reveals ‘dicey’ Norris moment missed by TV

Jamie Woodhouse
George Russell, Mercedes, ahead of Lando Norris, McLaren. Monaco, May 2022.

George Russell, Mercedes, ahead of Lando Norris, McLaren, on the track. Monaco, May 2022.

George Russell said he had a tricky moment when he came across Lando Norris’ McLaren in Monaco – not that the cameras picked it up.

McLaren and Mercedes headed the midfield in Monaco, Norris muscling his McLaren ahead of Russell’s Mercedes to start P5 on the grid.

But after a wet start where the timing of a switch from extreme wet tyres to intermediates was vital, Russell was able to jump Norris, taking over P5 and racing on to finish in that position.

Norris wanted to attack Russell again towards the end of the race after making a free stop for fresh tyres, but Russell just about managed to keep ahead of him by a fraction of a second.

According to Russell though, the main bit of action for he and Norris had come earlier in the race, but told it had not been shown on TV he was forced to explain.

Put to him he must be pleased with his performance, Russell told Sky F1: “Yeah, I think so, there were definitely a lot of positives from that race.

“I think on the hard tyres before the second red flag we were the quickest car on track and that was a really fun stint, and obviously it was a bit close with Lando at the pit exit.

“He came out in front of me at the pit exit, I was behind and then he went to the left and I sort of went on the wet stuff.

“But it felt pretty dicey from within the car for Monaco in damp conditions, but obviously not good enough for the TV producer.”

There was initial confusion when the Monaco Grand Prix race start was delayed, the rain far too light to reasonably expect the FIA to come to that decision.

It was later explained though that the radar had picked up an incoming heavy downpour, which certainly did flood the track, resulting in further delays after a few laps behind the Safety Car.

But while Russell agreed it had been “tough” to keep his focus, the Briton praised the FIA for how they had handled the situation.

“Yeah, it was tough, it was a bit frustrating in the car from the beginning when we kept having the delays,” he said.

“But fair play to the FIA because I think they saw the weather coming in and it truly was undriveable, the conditions when we attempted it on the first occasion.

“And then the second red flag, track drying up, one dry line, it’s never easy, especially on a track like this.”


And while it was P5 for Russell, he expects a better result “next time”, that being the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“Yeah, we made it in P5 – more to come next time, I think,” he said.