‘Strong respect’ between Russell, Hamilton and Norris

Finley Crebolder
Lewis Hamilton George Russell PA

Lewis Hamilton George Russell PA

George Russell says he and compatriots Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris have good relationships and a lot of respect for one another.

In terms of F1 drivers, England is in a strong place these days, with seven-time World Champion Hamilton joined on the grid by Norris and Russell in 2019.

The two younger drivers have impressed since then, while further forward Hamilton has continued to enjoy a huge amount of success with Mercedes.

With Russell set to move to the German team and McLaren improving, it’s likely that the three will be competing more directly with each other in the coming years, but the Williams man says that, for the time being, there’s a lot of respect and friendliness between them all.

“We all get along, to be honest,” Russell told The Silverstone Podcast.

“Whenever we cross paths we always talk with each other and I think there’s a strong respect between the three of us.

“Obviously, Lando and I really respect everything Lewis has achieved, but I think the other way as well – I think Lewis respects we are two youngsters coming in and doing a half-decent job.

“Lando is doing a spectacular job at the moment and I think he [Hamilton] recognises that, to be honest. So there is a strong respect between us all.”

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The next round on the calendar is the three drivers’ home race at Silverstone, and unlike last year, the grandstands will be full of fans for it.

In the same podcast episode, Russell spoke of his happiness about that and how pleased he is that the circuit won’t be a ghost town.

“You just don’t have that atmosphere when you drive into the track on a Saturday or Sunday morning,” he said when asked what it has been like without crowds.

“It’s quiet, it feels a bit like a ghost town, to be honest. It’s obviously still so busy when you’re with the F1 teams and on the grid, which is packed, but you look around and it’s completely empty.

“That’s not what sport’s about – sport’s about the atmosphere, the entertainment, and the fans are a huge part of that. Going to Silverstone with what will be by far the biggest crowd we’ve had in a year-and-a-half will be so exciting for everyone.

“You can’t quantify it but just having that support…obviously it adds some extra pressure but it’s good pressure and a lot of us thrive off that. Going out there to try and put on your best performance in front of everyone is such a special feeling, especially if you do a good job.”

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