George Russell lie detector results revealed: Does he think he is quicker than Lewis Hamilton?

Sam Cooper
Mercedes team-mates Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Formula 1 Baku June 2022.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell stand together underneath an umbrella. Baku June 2022.

George Russell has been put through his paces as he was asked some probing questions while hooked up to a lie detector machine.

Ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix, Russell was strapped into the machine by Sky Sports and while the questions ranged from silly (yes, he does think he looks better topless than Lewis Hamilton), there were some more relevant ones such as whether he thinks he is quicker than his team-mate.

Russell was tripped up immediately when his response to the question ‘do you love being famous?’ Was met with a ‘no’, only for the machine to determine it was a lie. Russell also admitted to having used the phrase ‘do you know who I am?’ as well as using his F1 fame to get free stuff.

It should come as no surprise that he looks up fan accounts of himself and that it does annoy him if people do not know who he is.

But things got really interesting when it came to his current F1 colleagues and in particular Lando Norris and George Russell.

In terms of who earns more, Russell was confident he was paid more than Albon but not Norris and admitted he was annoyed the McLaren man had more Instagram followers.

Russell was also confident he was less cool than Norris but cooler than Albon and speaking of Williams, Russell believes he spent two years too long at the Grove team.

Russell also thought he was in the top five best looking drivers on the grid and he secretly believes he could beat Hamilton in an arm wrestle but not Toto Wolff. recommends

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In terms of Hamilton, Russell truly believed Hamilton was the best driver of all time and let it slip that he believes he is currently faster than his Mercedes colleague. Russell also said he believes a world title is in his future.

But he certainly did not show future World Champion form in Montreal where his crash into the wall proved terminal late in the race. It was also revealed that a Ferrari engineer grabbed a runaway tyre.

According to Corriere dello Sport, ‘a potential accident that was only avoided thanks to the promptness of a Ferrari mechanic’ as Russell’s tyre ‘began to roll dangerously around the pit lane.

‘Only the intervention of a mechanic from Ferrari was able to avoid the worst, even if everything was not filmed by the cameras.’