Revealed: George Russell ranks the 23 tracks on F1 2023 calendar

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George Russell in the paddock. Saudi Arabia, March 2023.

George Russell in the paddock. Saudi Arabia, March 2023.

George Russell has ranked all 23 tracks featuring on the 2023 F1 calendar and has put a fan favourite in the lowest tier.

Russell is in his fifth full season as a Formula 1 driver and as a result, has driven his fair share of circuits.

The 25-year-old has raced at exactly 30 tracks in his career so far and while he has driven just once on tracks like Mugello and Hockenheim, this season’s British Grand Prix will be his sixth outing at Silverstone.

But how does the Silver Arrows driver rank each circuit? Well that is what his team asked him to do in a video posted to Mercedes’ YouTube channel.

Russell was given pictures of all the track maps along with a tier list ranking from top tier down to meh and asked to sort each track into its correct category.

While Russell took some liberties such as placing Monaco in his newly created category of great/top tier, he did largely stick to the rules so here are Russell’s favourite and least favourite circuits on the 2023 calendar:

Plenty of top tier F1 tracks in George Russell’s mind

Russell was not backwards in coming forwards when it came to putting tracks in the top tier category and labelled a total of seven as the best.

Of those, some were obvious such as Imola, Silverstone, Suzuka and Spa while Russell also put Zandvoort and Jeddah in there.

Interlagos also earned a top tier label mainly due to it being the location of Russell’s first F1 win.

There was one notable exception from the top tier list and that was Monaco. The race through Monte Carlo was instead put into its own category of top tier/great with Russell commenting on the difficulties modern day F1 cars have in racing there.

George Russell’s least favourite tracks on the calendar

At the other end of the scale was the meh category which Russell put three tracks in. The first was Mexico and while Russell praised the fans and the atmosphere, he could not help but put the track itself in the lowest category.

Next was Baku which Russell did say was probably the best track for racing but not the best for driving and as such, he put it in meh.

The third and final choice goes against where many fans would rank it with Russell putting the Austrian Grand Prix in the lowest ranking. But, this one has nothing to do with the track layout and instead everything to do with the name, the Red Bull Ring. Russell then felt duty bound to put it as low as can be.

George Russell predicts Las Vegas will be ‘closer to meh than top tier’

There was one circuit Russell has yet to race on and that is the track laid out for the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix in November. As Russell points out, the circuit bares an animal resemblance and features a portion that drives down the iconic Strip.

But when it comes to the racing, Russell had his doubts.

“I’ve yet to drive it on the sim so I can’t comment but I’m going to say that it will be closer to the meh than the top tier.”

George Russell’s tier list in full

Top tier – Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, Japanese Grand Prix, Belgian Grand Prix, Dutch Grand Prix, Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, São Paulo Grand Prix

Top tier/great – Monaco Grand Prix

Great – United States Grand Prix, Italian Grand Prix, Hungarian Grand Prix, Singapore Grand Prix, Qatar Grand Prix 

Great/solid – Canadian Grand Prix

Solid – Spanish Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, , Australian Grand Prix, Bahrain Grand Prix, Miami Grand Prix

Meh – Mexico City Grand Prix, Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Austrian Grand Prix

(The Las Vegas Grand Prix was predicted to be closer to meh than top tier) recommends

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