George Russell provides a timeline on Sebastian Vettel’s GPDA future

Sam Cooper
Sebastian Vettel speaking with George Russell.

Sebastian Vettel speaking with George Russell.

George Russell has said the GPDA will meet with Sebastian Vettel at the end of the season to discuss if he wants to stay on in his role.

There has been speculation about whether Vettel, who retired from F1 last season, will continue in the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) director role he has held since 2010.

Speaking to earlier this year, the organisation’s chairman Alex Wurz suggested a discussion would take place at the first European race of this season but that deadline has now been moved back.

George Russell says GPDA will meet with Sebastian Vettel at the end of the season

Vettel’s fellow director Russell was asked about whether the German was planning on staying on despite hanging up his racing boots and the Mercedes man said discussions would take place at the end of this season.

“I think there were a few chats with Sebastian at the start of the year,” Russell said when asked by “And I think it’s important for him to have some time off away from the sport.

“He’s got a few projects ongoing on the side and we’ll probably touch base again at the end of this year to see where he’s at with that.”

Russell, who has been in position since 2021, expressed his eagerness to see Vettel continue on in the role but said he would understand if the former Red Bull driver wanted to spend more time at home.

“Ultimately, it’s totally in his hands,” Russell continued. “It’d be amazing for Sebastian to stay in the sport in some regard because he is a really brilliant person and has got a lot of great ideas and could do a lot of good for the sport.

“But equally, after some success and so long in the sport, he probably wants to spend a bit more time at home.”

In the meantime, the leadership duty will be fulfilled by Russell, Wurz and lawyer Anastasia Fowle who set the precedent for non-F1 drivers to be in the role. recommends

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As for how much time the job takes up for Russell, he suggested all the drivers are on the same page on most things.

“I think it’s almost like the spokesperson for the collective group and I think it is a very united group at the moment between all of the drivers.

“We talk regularly about certain issues or topics that we want to improve and not just necessarily in Formula 1 but in the sport globally.
“Ultimately, there doesn’t need to be somebody who’s the spokesperson to take that forward. But I’ve got a huge amount of help from Alex Wurz and Anastasia Fowle who, to be honest, do most of the heavy lifting.

“I’m just the one in the background to follow up and help where needed.”

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