George Russell and Yuki Tsunoda punished by stewards after Monaco GP practice

Henry Valantine
George Russell speaking seriously in a press conference. Miami May 2023

George Russell and Yuki Tsunoda have both been fined by the stewards in Monaco for speeding in the pit lane during practice on Friday.

Russell and Mercedes were fined €100 after he breached the 60kph speed limit by a small 0.2kph, with the limit being lower than the 80kph used at most circuits in Monaco due to the tighter confines of the Monte Carlo pit lane.

The stewards’ verdict read: “Car 63 [Russell] exceeded the pit lane speed limit which is set at 60kph for this event by 0.2 km/h.”

As for AlphaTauri driver Tsunoda, his speed limit breach was significantly higher than that of Russell, with his speed being clocked at 76.2kph in the pit lane.

As a result, AlphaTauri were fined a heftier €1000 for the larger breaking of the rules, having been to see the stewards following the conclusion of FP2 on Friday. recommends

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Tsunoda had been coming back into the pits after tagging the wall on the entry of the Nouvelle Chicane, which caused a puncture on his car – and the stewards noted the possible dangers this could have caused others in the pit lane.

“Car 22 [Tsunoda] exceeded the pit lane speed limit which is set at 60 kph for this event by 16.2kph,” the stewards wrote in their verdict.

“The car was entering the pits having struck the barrier at Turn 11, and the Stewards were concerned that speeding in a pit lane by over 16 kph when there was unknown damage to the car was potentially dangerous.

“The driver acknowledged that he failed to engage the pit speed limiter and understood the potential of the situation. The Stewards issued a warning in addition to the mandated fine.”