Gerhard Berger hopeful of Schumacher-esque Ferrari success ‘cycle’ with Lewis Hamilton

Sam Cooper
Lewis Hamilton out of his race suit.

Lewis Hamilton will join up with Ferrari from the 2025 season.

Gerhard Berger believes Lewis Hamilton could create a “cycle of success” at Ferrari similar to how Michael Schumacher did in the early 2000s.

Schumacher and Hamilton are the only two drivers to have won seven world titles but in Hamilton’s search for an eighth, he has opted to move to Schumacher’s old team Ferrari for the 2025 season.

Another former Ferrari driver, Berger, believes that the presence of Hamilton could inspire the team to an era of success similar to what they enjoyed when Schumacher was in the driving seat.

Ferrari backed for ‘cycle of success’ with Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton’s shock move was made public in February when a long-time dream of driving for Ferrari was confirmed as soon to be a reality with the 39-year-old making the move from Mercedes next year.

As to the initial news, Berger was one of the few people not to be surprised by it.

“I actually expected it before,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “It was clear that Lewis could end up at Ferrari, it’s a win-win situation for both of them.

“The team needs to open a new phase and Lewis is one of the best drivers in history, as well as an exceptional public relations figure.

“The Ferrari brand and the Hamilton brand together form a super attractive combination for the fans. Moreover, Lewis knows that winning a World Championship with Ferrari would have special value for his career, because it is every driver’s dream, and it would make him even more famous.”

As to what he would bring on the track, Berger believes Hamilton’s experience could inspire Ferrari back to the top. recommends

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“First of all his experience,” he said of what Hamilton could bring to the team. “He has won more than a hundred grands prix, he is used to winning, so he knows how to motivate the team and handle politically difficult situations.

“In addition, some technicians will follow him and others could join from different teams because they are motivated by Lewis’ presence. Ferrari can open a cycle of success like it did with Michael Schumacher.”

One man who is not buying the Ferrari dream suggestion from Hamilton is F1 pundit Martin Brundle.

“I don’t see really any downside here and I don’t buy all of ‘this is going to be emotional’,” he said on sky Sports.

“Lewis is a winning machine. And that’s what he wants to do and it’s a good contract. He’s going to be paid a lot of money, and he’ll get a lot of love. It will be one of the biggest global sports stories in 2025 so I just see positives all around.”

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