Giovinazzi: Cool that rivals are noting our C38

Antonio Giovinazzi: Cool that rivals are noting our C38

Antonio Giovinazzi: Cool that rivals are noting our C38

Unveiling a car that is different to their rivals’, especially with the front wing, Antonio Giovinazzi says it is “cool” the others are taking note of the Alfa Romeo C38.

Alfa Romeo launched their 2019 challenger, the C38, in the Barcelona paddock on Monday morning.

Since then the car has covered 215 laps with a best time of 1:19.312 which was set by Giovinazzi on Day Two of pre-season testing.

But while Alfa Romeo have been trying to learn as much as possible about their new car, so too have their rivals.

The C38 sports a very different front wing to its rivals’ designs, noted for its extremely angled flaps and the form of the extremely wide upper flap.

“It is always really cool to see these things,” Giovinazzi told the official F1 website.

“This morning a lot of people were trying to see our car.

“This is really good, it is something when they start to scare about it, it is something cool.

“It is still too early, a lot of days in this test and a work that we need to do.”

Giovinazzi covered 101 laps of the Barcelona circuit with his time putting his fifth for the day.

“I think it was a positive day, I’m quite happy with what we did.

“I took a car that was quite positive, I would say.

“For sure we need to still improve some things but we are here for this – to improve today with Kimi and ensure we have a quick car come Melbourne.

“It is really important to have a good baseline but yeah for sure it is a good baseline but a lot of work still to do, not just on the car but for myself as well.

“I’m new here and this is what I’ll do in this time.”

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