‘Great things coming’ for Force India after P5 and P6


Sergio Perez believes that there are “great things coming” for the new Racing Point Force India team after they secured P5 and P6 at Spa.

It was the first race for the team since they were dragged out of administration and entered into Formula 1 as a new team.

With their 18 point haul from the Belgian Grand Prix, they are up to P9 in the Constructors’ and just a point behind Sauber in the standings.

Perez believes that this result can only help to boost the morale for all the employees of the Force India team.

“Yeah it is definitely a great start, especially after all the trouble we had in the last couple of months,” Perez said.

“So really it is a fresh start for the team, and Really, I want everyone involved with the team to feel very proud of what we have achieved today, but I think there are great things coming.”

Both Force Indias had a chance at taking the lead on the first lap, with Perez down the outside of Lewis Hamilton, and team-mate Esteban Ocon almost down the inside of Sebastian Vettel.

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“It was important to try to get in the best position. It worked well for me this time, and it was definitely a great first lap. It is always really exciting to do the first lap here,” Perez said about their charge.

Ocon had the best chance to take the lead, and was so close to sliding one down the inside of the Ferrari man into Turn 5.

“I had a good start and got on the inside of Turn 1, next to Seb [Vettel],” Ocon said about the first lap run to Les Combes.

“He had better traction and then I lost the place to Sergio [Perez] up there, trying to take the lead. Maybe I was a bit over-confident, there, taking the lead.

“We will never know. I had a good run down though, a good slipstream. I was lacking a metre, probably. I will review what I could have done differently but it was good racing.

“It was really close to it, we had great straight line. I braked early because were not going to hold it there. I broke early to stay safe, and then Sergio had the perfect spot.”

The Frenchman believes that the target for the team is to simply be as high as possible, and that the Italian Grand Prix will be good for them as well.

“With the pace we have with the car, I hope this is going to continue and if we can fight for this position each time, we will be really happy,” he added.

“Obviously it is going to be Monza next weekend and we are usually very quick and I hope we can fight for those positions again.”

However, despite the positives, Ocon may not even be in that seat in Monza, as Lance Stroll will reportedly have a seat fitting with the team before the race weekend begins on Friday.

Even with that rumour around, the French driver said that he is only focussing on the here and now.

“I don’t know what is going to happen. What I know is that I was racing here and I am going to the simulator after tomorrow, at Silverstone, with Force India, and I am just preparing for a normal race, like each time,” he added.

“I don’t know what is going to happen, I don’t know what will happen next year.

“Of course, I hope a result like this, a weekend like this, will make people awake and hope they can keep me in Formula 1 for next year.

“I am just enjoying every single moment. You never know what can happen in this world.

“I am just trying to enjoy driving those brilliant cars and racing with those awesome drivers so yeah, I am trying to enjoy.”

After this fantastic result, the pair sit in P10 and P11 in the Drivers’ Championship, with Sergio Perez three points ahead of his team-mate.