Jordan: ‘Prost the greatest, not Schumi or Senna’

Mark Scott
Alain Prost Ayrton Senna

Ayrton Senna wanted to join Ferrari "at all costs" in 1994.

Ex-Formula 1 boss, Eddie Jordan, has said that he would pick Alain Prost over Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna as the greatest driver he has ever seen.

The debate over who is Formula 1’s greatest is one that will never be fully settled, yet the likes of Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton and Ayrton Senna are the most popular names mentioned at the top of peoples’ lists.

Jordan, though, has a whole host of potential candidates but, if he had to pick one, it would ‘Le Professeur’.

“I have a little issue with Michael and people often say to me ‘who was the best driver I ever had’,” Jordan told Off The Ball.

“We talk about Frentzen, Fisichella, Barrichello and Irvine. We left a couple of people out – Johnny Herbert, who won a championship with me, and [Jean] Alesi.

“If you put them all together and you’re asking me who do I think was the best driver… of course Michael had outstanding talent, but so had Senna.

“It’s always a really difficult call to know which of the two. I’m usually one who causes some consternation or chaos with this because I believe neither of those drivers were the best I’ve driven against or been part of. I always come back to Alain Prost.

“People kind of say ‘what, is he being serious?’ But you know the thing is Alain Prost won four world titles, he lost one by half a point, he lost another world title… but what I liked about Alain – he stood the test of time.

“He now works with us, he’s on French television… and he’s still the same guy. We were on a team in 1979, with the Marlboro world championship team, he was a young kid there like me.

“What he achieved, a young Frenchman back then, was amazing. The one point that stuck out for me more than anyone else – he never minded who his teammate was.”

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