Grosjean calls on Formula 1 to use experimental tyres

Date published: June 20 2019 - Mark Scott

Pirelli: Haas tyre issues are chassis related

Romain Grosjean believes Formula 1 can be spiced up by following MotoGP’s lead on tyre compounds and introducing an experimental tyre.

Pirelli introduced tyres with thinner treads this season to reduce overheating and blistering but teams like Haas have been very vocal with their complaints and struggles of getting the compounds performing in the sweet spot.

Red Bull boss Christian Horner said that all teams bar Mercedes would be happy to go back to the old tyre compounds of last year, but Pirelli themselves say that they have not received a single request from anyone.

Grosjean, meanwhile, has offered an alternative suggestion which would add a new element to qualifying whilst also helping with the development of new tyres.

“It’s one thing I learned about MotoGP which I find amazing,” Grosjean told

“I’m good friends with Fabio Quartararo, and I asked him, ‘Why do you use the hard tyre in qualifying when you have the hard, medium and soft’?

“He says that at every race the hard tyre is a prototype tyre, new technology that they [Michelin] bring.

“It doesn’t mean it is the hardest of the compounds, but it’s a new technology. We know we don’t have the best product here, why don’t we try that?

“A soft and medium [compound] that you know, and bring a new technology [as the third compound and] make it different every race.

“We don’t have to use it if we don’t want to use it. At least we could develop the product in that way.”

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