Grosjean: I cannot make the same mistakes


Romain Grosjean has admitted that he cannot make the same mistakes as he did in the early part of last season.

The Frenchman failed to score in the first seven races of the 2018 campaign, and was firmly beaten by team-mate Kevin Magnussen.

The pair have been re-signed by the Haas team for 2019, and Grosjean does not want to start next year like he did this time round.

“I cannot make the same mistakes as I did last season,” Grosjean admitted.

“I don’t think I would pardon myself if I had another start of the season as I had (in 2018).

“Definitely, a lot learned this year, understanding what had happened.”

The experienced Grosjean spent time with Lotus, and secured ten podiums in his time with the team before he moved to Haas for their inaugural year in F1, back in 2016.

He remembers a point during this season where he realised that he was finding his form again.

“I remember the week before the German Grand Prix, I called my manager and I said ‘I’m back’,” he explained.

“Even before driving the car I said ‘I’m back’ and I was back.

“It was just like everything went in the right place and it was like ‘f**k, this, this, this, this and sort that out’ and I moved on.

“It was a great experience: things that you don’t even realise that can bother you.”

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