Guenther Steiner approaches made as life after Haas starts taking shape

Jamie Woodhouse
Guenther Steiner

Guenther Steiner was let go having been Haas team principal since their F1 arrival.

While Guenther Steiner wants to “breathe fresh air” and assess the landscape for now, he confirmed F1-related approaches since his shock Haas exit was announced.

It has been a busy 2024 for Haas already with the racing action yet to get underway, the team dropping the bombshell announcement that Steiner was out with immediate effect, as Ayao Komatsu steps up from the trackside engineering director role to take over as team principal.

On the same day, it also emerged that technical director Simone Resta had returned to Ferrari at the culmination of his loan agreement.

F1 ‘approaches’ made for Guenther Steiner

After the dust settled on Steiner’s surprise exit, excitement began to prevail as fans wait to see what one of Formula 1’s most popular team bosses, thanks to Netflix’s Drive to Survive series, will do next, now free of the responsibilities of being Haas team boss.

Steiner does not want to find the answers yet, but while it his intention to step out of the spotlight in the immediate aftermath of his Haas exit, he is already not short of offers, or motivation to remain involved with Formula 1. recommends

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“I just say, ‘just say calm please’,” Steiner urged in conversation with Autosport in regards to what is next for him.

“At the moment, I would like to do, not nothing, I would like to do… If something comes along, I like it, I do it.

“If not [I won’t]. In my life, always if I didn’t like to do something, I didn’t do it. So, I don’t know what is out there. But I’m not like phoning people up for a team principal job or something. Obviously, I don’t want to do anything else than a team principal job. If you’ve done it once…

“But it’s like, I’m okay [financially]. If something comes along which interests me, if people want me to do something, I do it. If I think it’s not interesting or it doesn’t satisfy me or I don’t enjoy it, I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to do it just to stay around.

“I think there is enough of things for me to stay around in Formula 1 – people will ask me to do things. But I can wait. I’ve already got approached for things.

“But I want to take a step back [first]. Not even step back. I just want to breathe fresh air. And then decide what I’m going to do for my future.

“And I’m not 38 anymore. So, it’s like, if I do something, I want to enjoy it. Obviously, I [want] to do something people enjoy as well. Not just, ‘I want to be in F1 to be in F1’. That’s not my mission in life.”

A Netflix spin-off series and becoming an opinionated F1 pundit were among the five exciting options we thought up for Steiner following his Haas exit.

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