Guenther Steiner highlights two exciting European locations he wants back in F1

Henry Valantine
Haas team boss Guenther Steiner smiles.

Guenther Steiner smiles while walking through the paddock on his way to the Haas garage.

Guenther Steiner has revealed he would like to see two European destinations brought to the Formula 1 calendar, one old favourite and another not seen for more than 60 years.

These would coincidentally be home races for both his drivers, Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen, with Steiner suggesting a return to Germany and a first visit to Denmark for F1 since 1962.

Steiner revealed that he had heard of talks to bring the sport to the Danish capital of Copenhagen, but he felt it was a shame that politicians could not agree on a way forward for it.

Guenther Steiner calls for Germany return and Denmark F1 addition

While Hulkenberg himself was not overly optimistic about the idea of the German Grand Prix returning, citing multiple reasons behind Formula 1’s apparent decline in his home nation as it stands, Steiner feels that bringing F1 back to Germany could provide a welcome boost to the sport’s popularity there.

But on the eve of Max Verstappen’s orange-fuelled return to Zandvoort over the weekend, the Haas team principal believes that the sport would sell out any track it visits at the moment, with Formula 1 riding the crest of a wave of support from around the world.

“With the popularity of Formula 1 right now, I think we could race everywhere and sell out the venue,” Steiner said.

“Obviously, there are contracts in place and FOM is managing this, but I think a race in Germany would be appropriate in my opinion. recommends

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“It’s a big ‘car’ country, there’s a German driver and there’s a lot of history within Formula 1. At the moment, it’s the only market that is a bit in decline, everywhere else is growing, so of course a race would help, and it would give millions of fans in Germany a chance to see a race in their home country.

“Denmark’s also got a lot of history in Formula 1, now having Kevin here is what they want and there was a plan to have a race in Copenhagen which would’ve been fantastic.

“It’s a fantastic city and I think they would’ve been ready, but I think the politicians couldn’t agree, so therefore it was decided not to have it for now but hopefully, that idea comes back.”

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