No tears for Steiner despite leaking Haas

Michelle Foster

Haas haven't discussed pay drivers, but won't rule it out.

Guenther Steiner says he won’t cry over the three hours of track time Haas lost on Friday as the rest of the week’s test went “well”.

Haas was in action at the Circuit de Catalunya last week for the opening pre-season test.

Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen managed 316 laps of the Spanish circuit over the course of the test but both drivers lost track time on Friday due to separate issues.

Grosjean was stuck in the garage for a while on Friday morning after Haas discovered a water leak while Magnussen brought the team’s day to an early end when he crashed on his fifth lap of the afternoon.

The accident was by no means the Dane’s fault.

A wheel rim issue damaged the tyre and led to Magnussen meeting the Turn 8 wall.

“We had a water pipe that was leaking and then in the afternoon we had a problem with the wheel rim, with the spacer, that broke the rim and then we had a flat tyre,” Steiner told Racer.

“Obviously to fix the car took too long to do a few laps at the end, so we decided to call it day. But we could afford to do that because the rest of the week was going well.

“The first two days were very good. For sure you always want to drive more and for sure we miss the hours at the end, but I won’t be standing here and crying about the three hours of testing we missed.

“All in all we had a good week.

“We have a lot of data crunching going on over the next few days and then come here again and try some more stuff and try to get even quicker.”

Steiner declared that he was happy with the team as Haas has a “better understanding” of the VF-20 even if Magnussen’s fastest lap time was 2.6s down on Valtteri Bottas’ pace-setting time.

“I don’t know about (times) because I don’t know what the other ones are doing,” Steiner added.

“We went through our test program, we decided to do what we wanted to do and not to look at others because there is no pole position or points up for grabs in testing.

“We just went through our test programs and are pretty happy with what we achieved.

“Absolutely, we have a better understanding (of the car).

“We worked well with what we understand to make it better and then will see compared to the others how good it is.

“I wouldn’t commit here to say it because I don’t know, as everyone runs different programs.”

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