Guenther Steiner says Haas would not sell ‘hot property’ F1 spot to Andretti

Henry Valantine
Guenther Steiner, Haas, in the paddock. Monaco, May 2022.

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner in the Monaco paddock. May 2022.

Guenther Steiner has confirmed Gene Haas is not interested in selling his team to any interested buyers, especially now that owning a team is “hot property”.

The popularity of Formula 1 has increased significantly in the period since Haas joined the grid in 2016, with the entertainment on track and the release of Netflix’s Drive to Survive helping cultivate a new audience for the sport.

Combined with the new cost cap era in Formula 1, limits on team spending are now in place to try and curb unlimited amounts of money being poured into car development on grounds of both competitive fairness and financial stability.

Prospective team owner Michael Andretti has been vocal about his multiple attempts to try and purchase an existing team in the past, with the former Formula 1 driver previously claiming he has tried to contact Gene Haas “millions of times” about buying the team – though his advances have been rejected.

Andretti remains committed to trying to get onto the grid in future, be it through buying one of the existing teams or creating a new constructor to do so – though senior figures in Formula 1 remain largely against the notion of adding another team to the grid.

Though he admitted Haas might have been open to selling his team in the not-too-distant past, Steiner said this is not the case now, and he also confirmed the team had not been in talks with Audi before their entry into the sport was confirmed.

“Not since F1 teams have become hot property,” Steiner told the Beyond The Grid podcast when asked if Haas would consider selling to Andretti or other interested buyers.

“Obviously, if you may have asked him in 2019, or 2020, when the pandemic hit, maybe it would be a different opinion.

“But in 2020, nobody wanted to buy a team. They all came afterwards. You know, it’s always the same old story. When everything is successful, everybody has got great ideas.

“But what do you have to say, Gene invested in the team, we started in 2014, obviously, we went racing the first time [in] 2016 when F1 teams were not hot property.

“In 2017 or ’18, I think it was you could buy one team for a pound and nobody bought it, you know, and now they’re all ‘I want the team’, but because now they’re worth a lot of money.

“If you could get our team for one pound, I think you find millions of buyers, but five years ago, think about it, you couldn’t find anybody who bought it, you know, so the world has changed. So the question, would he sell now? No.”

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