Guenther Steiner hints at huge new F1 project despite prior firm objections

Jamie Woodhouse
Guenther Steiner arrives in Bahrain.

Guenther Steiner arrives.

Guenther Steiner has teased an attempt to bring a new team onto the Formula 1 grid under the revamped regulations, despite Andretti meeting fierce resistance to their efforts.

Andretti have long since been chasing an opening to join the Formula 1 grid, their hope having been to do so as soon as 2025. Said hopes were dashed, but could Steiner be about to set off on his own mission to expand the Formula 1 grid?

Guenther Steiner teases new F1 team after regulations reset

Having initially failed in a Sauber takeover attempt, Michael Andretti shifted his focus to creating a Formula 1 outfit from scratch which would see the grid expand to 11 teams.

General Motors jumped on board via their Cadillac brand, while the American automotive powerhouse confirmed its intention to create a Formula 1 power unit of its own, with 2026 set to mark the introduction of new chassis and power unit regulations into the series.

The FIA was fully behind Andretti-Cadillac’s plans, but various current team bosses, as well as Formula 1 themselves, were not, with Andretti’s bid to join the grid duly rejected.

But Steiner – who is also highly-experienced in creating a Formula 1 team from nothing as he did with Haas – could be about to embark on a fresh project and attempt to clear the hurdle of F1 acceptance which saw Andretti fall.

Steiner left Haas ahead of the F1 2024 campaign, with Ayao Komatsu named as his replacement.

“I don’t know if I want to be back as a team principal,” Steiner told ABC.

“Maybe setting up a new team, for the new era of Formula 1 … that could be an opportunity.” recommends

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During his time at Haas, Steiner, who has since settled into life as a Formula 1 pundit, became one of the most popular team bosses in the paddock thanks to his outbursts and antics captured by the Netflix cameras for their Drive to Survive docuseries.

And Steiner said it was a “strange” experience as he adapted to this surge in popularity.

“In the beginning, it felt very strange because I’m not used to this,” he admitted.

“What happens is, people say ‘Hello’ to you and you think, do I know this person or not, you know? So, it’s very strange. And after a while, you get used to it.”

Steiner’s former team Haas picked up their first point of F1 2024 last time out in Saudi Arabia after Nico Hulkenberg crossed the line P10, with Melbourne’s Albert Park the next season stop.

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