Steiner doubts regulations will instantly level field

Finley Crebolder

More complaints about stewards, this time from Haas

Gunther Steiner believes that, even after new regulations come into play in 2022, the big teams will still have a considerable advantage.

There’s been a huge gap between the top three teams and the midfield for the past four seasons. Williams was the last team asides from Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari to consistently fight at the top, and that was in 2015.

Formula 1 is introducing a “New Deal” package aimed at reducing running costs in order to change this and bring the teams closer together. However, Haas team principal Steiner doubts that this will change things instantly.

“We shouldn’t expect in 2022 that everybody is equal, I think it will take a few years because the advantage the big teams have with their resources is pretty good,” he told

“And it’s also knowledge they acquired over the last 20 years. So, I think they will still have an advantage.”

He does, however, think that, the budget cap introduced is a step in the right direction. So much so that it could give the lower teams the chance of getting podiums after a few years of being in play.

“I mean, it should take you there. Maybe not to win races but to have the chance to go on the podium, and a realistic chance: not just one that you need to be fortunate that at the right time at the right place, then you make it,” he added.

“The gap to the big teams is about $150-100 million for a small team. In the future, it will be maybe $20m or $30m. Is that not a good step? I would say yes.

“We didn’t equalize it yet. But it’s a good step, the gap is reduced by five times, which I think is a big achievement.”

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