Haas update team name and unveil new logo ahead of F1 2023 season

Sam Cooper
Haas and MoneyGram new logo. January 2023

Haas and MoneyGram new logo. January 2023

Haas have unveiled their new logo for the 2023 season after completing a sponsorship deal with US money transfer company MoneyGram.

Having terminated the sponsorship of Russian company Uralkali following the country’s invasion of Ukraine, Haas secured more funding in October 2022 when shortly before the team’s home grand prix in the US, they announced a multi-year deal with MoneyGram.

The US company joined as a title sponsor with Haas being rebranded to MoneyGram Haas F1 Team and now the constructor, who finished eighth in the 2022 standings, have unveiled their revised logo for the upcoming season.

The logo keeps its basic look with the H of Haas remaining in a red circle but now the red and white logo of MoneyGram can be seen as part of it.

The image sits above the team’s new name with a red line separating the sponsor and Haas.

Haas will be hoping for some more stability from their latest sponsor having had issues with the previous two. Before Uralkali, Haas had one of the most infamous sponsors in F1 history in the form of Rich Energy.

Team principal Guenther Steiner described the MoneyGram sponsorship as a “big game changer” and said MoneyGram wanted to get involved as they could “see something coming.”

“It’s a big game changer,” he said on the Beyond the Grid podcast. What I realised in ’21 was we have to get more commercial, finding more partners.

“Everybody sees what is happening in Formula 1 at the moment, the popularity is getting a lot bigger than it was three, four years ago.

“I think a lot of people like underdogs, a lot of people like what we are doing. MoneyGram, they see something coming. They are a global company based in America, but in 90% of their markets, they have F1 races.

“So for them, it’s a very good tool to market their company. Otherwise they wouldn’t do it. They don’t do it just for fun, because it’s a lot of money, you know?

“So I think they saw what is happening in the United States with Formula 1 and they said ‘let’s be one of the first big companies, new companies, which go into Formula 1’ and I think they were very smart because they came in at the right time.”

Image credit: Haas Formula 1 team

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