Staff exodus fears behind proposed Haas bonus scheme

Henry Valantine
Haas sponsor and driver Dmitry and Nikita Mazepin talking at the Monaco GP. Monte Carlo May 2021.

Dmitry and Nikita Mazepin standing talking to each other at the Monaco Grand Prix. Monte Carlo May 2021.

Nikita Mazepin has elaborated on a proposal to give loyalty bonuses to Haas staff, as they’re worried people will leave the team through stress.

Mazepin’s father Dmitry previously discussed his voluntary plans to try and incentivise his staff to stay at the team, and said his plans are based on acknowledging how much of a toll it takes on a personal level to travel to what will be a record 23-race calendar next year – alongside plans to get staff members more involved with the inner workings of the team.

Mazepin junior has spoken before about how damaging it can be for morale to see talented members of the team move on to pastures new, and praised his father’s attitude in how he has managed his employees in his other ventures.

“I have told him that I’m very concerned about people leaving, good people leaving,” the 22-year-old said to

Nikita Mazepin looks over at Mick Schumacher. Qatar November 2021
Nikita Mazepin giving an interview looks over at his Haas team-mate Mick Schumacher. Qatar November 2021

“I know that different people had different thoughts in their head, but quite some of them were financially concerned. And I’m very fortunate and lucky that he has heard it.

“He’s got an amazing track record of giving what he needs to his employees, which numbers over 45,000 in his companies, and he is a professional in it, not me.

“He came up with this idea totally voluntarily to not, let’s say, throw money at people, as bad as it may sound, but to motivate people and give them an opportunity to achieve certain things and be rewarded for it.

“The most important thing about it is [that] it happened totally voluntarily. He doesn’t get anything from it, apart from I think he’s in a stage of his life where he wants to give things back because he’s got enough success.

“He now really is concerned about the people that actually do the hard work, people that work in the mines, in his factories, and the real employees at the very, very low level in the teams.


“I’m not sure if it will happen, because it [the offer] actually has clauses of looking after the people and giving them a good experience,” said the Haas driver.

“That needs to come from the team because he [Dmitry Mazepin] is only [a sponsor]. From what I know, we’re way below the budget cap anyway, so it will get a little bit closer to it.

“And that goes towards people having a better life. And not only them, but their families having a better life, which is the most important thing to make it a good success.”


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