First look: Photos emerge as heavily-upgraded Haas breaks cover in Austin

Henry Valantine
Guenther Steiner on the Haas pit wall. Monaco May 2023

Team boss Guenther Steiner on the Haas pit wall.

Haas have unveiled their long-awaited updates in Austin, with the first pictures of the upgraded VF-23 having emerged in the paddock at the Circuit of The Americas.

The team have taken more of a Red Bull-style approach to the aerodynamics of the car, with their sidepod inlets moving to a ‘letterbox’ shape and promoting the ‘downwash’ concept that has proven so successful for the sport’s front-running team.

Having toiled in recent races, only scoring four points since Formula 1 last visited America in Miami back in May, Haas have been pinning their hopes on this upgrade package to push them further up the field.

Pictures emerge of updated Haas as Guenther Steiner explains their importance

Photos taken by respected paddock journalists Albert Fabrega and Andreas Haupt show a significant change to the sidepods on the Haas, as well as a less visible floor update that was brought to the track.

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner admitted the team have taken more of a Red Bull-style approach with these updates, given the significant changes that have come onto the car in recent races.

He also elaborated further on the detail of the upgrades, revealing that it is a departure from the concept with which they started the season.

“The upgrade on the VF-23 is aerodynamic,” Steiner confirmed ahead of the weekend. recommends

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“We changed the concept of the car because what we started with, because of the new regulations last year, we couldn’t make any more gains performance-wise.

“Creating more downforce and less drag, it just wasn’t there anymore, so we needed to change concept, to which is commonly known as the “Red Bull concept” or the “downwash concept”.

“It is a substantial update, and we’re able to do this within the cost cap because we didn’t have any updates at the beginning of the season because again, going back, we couldn’t find any performance that we could make parts to put on the car.”

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