Hamilton finding W10 harder to drive

Finley Crebolder
Lewis Hamilton: Best and worst of Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton: Best and worst of Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton may be enjoying a near-perfect start to the season and a far better one than last year, but he is still finding this car harder to drive than its predecessor. 

Looking at the results alone, you’d think that it’s been an easier start for Hamilton and Mercedes, but speaking to Motorsport.com, he said this is not the case.

“So far the car is a little bit harder to work with this year, so it’s definitely not easier.

“It’s a combination of things, the tyre seems to be a little bit more complex this year than last year.

However, the Brit went on to say that this is nothing out of the ordinary at this stage of the season.

“At the beginning of every season we always struggle, everyone is trying to understand the different tyre windows you are in. The window of these tyres is even narrower than it has been in the past, which was pretty small before and is even smaller now.

“They keep putting up the pressures every weekend or every year so it gets harder and harder.”

“With the car each year it’s just trying to get the car to work on as many of the circuits for 21 Grands Prix,” said Hamilton.

“But when the tyres then come into it and also the engine, it gets harder and harder.

However, the issues are becoming lesser with every race, and will continue to do so, he says.

“As we get through the season we’ll learn more and more and more, I think we’ve definitely lucked out at least in one race, which was in Bahrain, but we were pretty good in the race and the last race was obviously pretty spectacular for us.”

With the team doing so well already, one can only wonder just how good they’ll be when they fully come to grips with the car.

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