Hamilton had no need to respond to Vettel’s dig

Lewis Hamilton had no need to respond to Vettel's dig

Lewis Hamilton had no need to respond to Vettel's dig

Lewis Hamilton saw no reason to respond to Sebastian Vettel‘s “we did it at their home” when he won the German Grand Prix at Vettel’s home track.

The British racer labelled his title rival weak when Vettel took the chequered flag at the British GP and proclaimed his joy at beating Hamilton at home.

He said: “We had a super car, a great strategy and we did it at their home.

“Now we take the English flag and hang it in Maranello… Yes!”

Hamilton hit back.

“I see that as a weakness rather than a whole need to even say anything,” said the Mercedes driver.

A week later he beat Vettel at the German’s home grand prix when the Ferrari driver crashed while leading the race.

Hamilton and Mercedes made a good call behind the Safety Car to stay out on track and won the race.

He did not follow that up with a dig about winning at Vettel’s home race.

“Honestly, I don’t need to search for a boost or energy from other people’s business. I just focus on mine,” he said.

“I’m just focussed on trying to be the best I can be in myself. Because the best me – if I’m my best and my higher self – I feel like I’m able to drive like I was able to, regardless of all the people and who else is around doing whatever they are doing.

“So, I did say when I came here that you can see things and they can often be maybe a sign of weakness.

“As I said, if we just kept our heads down, we knew this weekend Ferrari were going to be quick – and they’re ridiculously quick on the straights.

“I’m just really proud of my guys as well, not getting phased by this fight that we’re having.

“They could easily jump to conclusions and say, ‘Oh well, they’re doing this or they’re doing that’, instead of, ‘all we can do is control our own destiny’.

“All we can do is work on our starts, try and improve, make sure we do a better job understanding the car, doing a better job, pushing for better aero performance – all these different things.”

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