Hamilton not impressed with ‘dangerous’ DRS


Lewis Hamilton believes Formula 1 has made a mistake putting a DRS zone into Turn 1 at Silverstone, calling it “pointless” and “dangerous”.

Prior to this weekend’s British Grand Prix, F1 race director Charlie Whiting announced the introduction of a new third DRS zone.

The zone, which runs down the start/finish straight, means drivers can take the already flat-out Turn 1 with DRS open.

However, for some, such as Romain Grosjean, it proved to be a little too much speed as he failed to close the flap in time and crashed in FP1.

Hamilton doesn’t believe the new zone adds anything to the show.

“It’s not tricky, no,” he said. “It’s kind of a pointless exercise, and kind of just dangerous.

“We used to have DRS everywhere [in practice and qualifying] and we had to engage [it] and take off, and they stopped us from doing that because people were spinning off.”

He added: “I remember yesterday, when we did the brief, I was like, ‘Ron, you should tell Charlie, someone’s going to crash’. Because the speeds we go into Turn 1 are insane.

“And what happened today? I was like, ‘told you’.

“It’s just kind of not necessary really to have it through there. I mean, we’re all managing, but if someone sticks [with DRS at Turn 1] in qualifying, they’re going to crash – so that’s kind of why it’s an unnecessary kind of danger.”