Hamilton not surprised by Max-Ocon incident


Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he was not surprised by the incident between Esteban Ocon and Max Verstappen in Brazil.

The incident saw Verstappen spin at the second corner, gifting Hamilton the lead, and eventually the victory.

“I saw it happen and, I mean, it wasn’t something that I wasn’t surprised by,” Hamilton admitted.

“I mean, I saw they were racing so, but they weren’t racing for the same position.

WATCH: Ocon and Verstappen crash in Brazil

“I would have been in a different frame of mind but fortunately they were able to keep going and no-one got hurt.

“Max is like that go-getter guy and every now and then it bites you.”

The race victory helped Mercedes to their fifth straight Constructors’ Championship, a record only beaten by Ferrari between 1999-2004.

Hamilton, as he always does, was quick to thank the team both at the circuit, and back in the UK.

“Honestly, these guys have worked so hard the last six years,” he added.

“It has been an incredible journey with them and this is what everyone works for for the whole year, you know.

“Everyone wakes up and goes to work every day and tries to bring the best out of themselves and they have really pulled together as a unit.

“I have always told you how much of an honour it is to drive for them and today was the best style that we could do it.”

The five-time World Champion admitted that they were not having it all their own way in Interlagos on Sunday afternoon.

“We were struggling, we had problems with the engine and obviously he [Verstappen] passed us like we were a sitting duck at one stage,” the Brit admitted.

“Obviously he made a mistake and that brought us back into contention.

“I am just so proud of everyone. Everyone back home, thank you so much for your continued efforts.

“To all our partners, to all our sponsors who without we would not be here powering along to a win in Brazil. God bless you, thank you.”

Despite being the name that everyone knows, the Brit explained that he is only part of the entire Mercedes operation in the sport.

“I keep telling you that I am just a chink in the chain, you know,” he continued.

“They give me the tools and I try and do the best I can with it.

“I am proud that I am able to sometimes bring a little bit more than is needed, or that is capable of, but that is what I live for.”

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