Hamilton on when retirement becomes an option

Mark Scott
Lewis Hamilton excused from French GP media duties.

Lewis Hamilton excused from French GP media duties.

Lewis Hamilton has said a decline in his reaction times would make retirement from Formula 1 become a more realistic proposition for him.

Winning a sixth World Championship at the age of 34, the big questions surrounding Hamilton is how long can he continue to be at the top of his game and with which team does he attempt to do that with.

Hamilton said there will be a time where it becomes obvious that he can’t keep up any more, both on and off track, and that is when he will decide whether to call it a day.

“My reaction times are pretty good at the moment still,” Hamilton told The Graham Norton Show.

“At some stage they may obviously drop off but you can train, still, to sort that.

“I do think that there is a point at which you can’t keep it up. The demand of the season is so high, the sacrifice that you have to continue to make to operate and perform at the top of your level every year.

“It takes so much time away from family, away from friends, and the sacrifices that you make.

“There is a point at which you just don’t want to do it anymore.”

In the same interview, Hamilton also spoke of his wish to see Formula 1 become more accessible for working class kids to enter and wants to help the FIA achieve that goal.

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