Hamilton ‘super excited’ for MotoGP chance

Jamie Woodhouse
Lewis Hamilton "super excited" for upcoming MotoGP opportunity.

Lewis Hamilton "super excited" for upcoming MotoGP opportunity.

Lewis Hamilton will get the chance to try out a Yamaha MotoGP bike at an upcoming event, and he’s “super excited” for it.

Organised by energy drink brand Monster who sponsor both Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha MotoGP team, the pair will get the chance to cross into each other’s worlds at Valencia’s Ricardo Tormo Circuit in December.

Six-time Formula 1 World Champion Hamilton will get the chance to sample Yamaha’s MotoGP machinery, while Rossi will see some action behind the wheel of a Mercedes F1 car.

This won’t be the first time that either athlete has tried their hand in machinery outside their profession. Hamilton got a taste of Yamaha’s Superbike last year at Jerez, while Rossi took part in several official tests for Ferrari in 2006, finishing just half a second slower than Michael Schumacher on the final day.

And with the time approaching for both icon’s to blur the lines between their worlds again, Hamilton is “super excited”.

“I am super excited by it. I’ve been riding bikes for the last couple of years, I’ve only done three days on track, but they have been incredible and I am always watching MotoGP,” he is quoted by Motorsportweek.com.

“It is great as there is a small group of us within the team that love riding and it is something I’ve always wanted to generally do since I was really young.

“It is really hardcore so I am just… just being on the same track at the same time as Valentino is going to be very, very surreal and a real honour.

“He is such an icon in the sport and he has done so much for it, and it will be cool to see him in my car.”

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