Hamilton ‘would’ get it if Alonso quit


Lewis Hamilton says he gets it if Fernando Alonso opts to walk away from Formula 1 as there is a lot that is “definitely not perfectly configured” in today’s sport.

While Alonso debates his future, some saying he’s off to IndyCar next season while others claim he could stick it out for another year with McLaren, his rivals have been asked about the decision facing the Spaniard.

One driver who says he would understand if the 36-year-old quit Formula 1 is Hamilton.

The Brit, who himself has yet to commit to Mercedes for next year’s championship, believes there is a lot that is wrong with today’s Formula 1 that could put drivers off the sport.

“I would understand [if he retired], for sure,” Hamilton told AS.

“I do not think about Fernando in particular. I do not think the sport was unfair to Fernando. But my perception of the sport is another thing.

“Do I feel that the sport is not right? Yes. We have big and small teams and there are two seconds between the first three teams and the fourth.

“Ferrari can spend more money than Mercedes, Ferrari can veto all the rules, nobody else can. It is definitely not perfectly configured.

“It could be great and I hope that, when they make the new Concorde Agreement, it will be better for the smaller teams so that they can have a better platform for the younger drivers.

“It should not only be wealthy drivers coming in and I do not mean only in Formula One. It is the same in all disciplines. You only have rich children who come in now, where it should be talented people.”