Head laments ‘regressive’ steps for 2021

Michelle Foster
Williams to launch FW43 on 17 February.

Williams to launch FW43 on 17 February.

Patrick Head is torn over F1’s 2021 rules, saying that while they are “regressive” from an engineering point of view, they should help close the gap between the teams.

Formula 1 will undergo an overhaul in two years’ time with the sport embracing ground-effect aerodynamics.

This is expected to improve the cars’ ability to follow and ultimate pass.

But while Head, Williams’ co-founder and former design guru, is hopeful that it will improve racing, he laments the fact that it will restrict innovation.

“I think from some point of view, the engineering side, it’s regressive really, unfortunately,” he said during the recent Autosport Awards in London.

“But ultimately motorsport has become far too expensive.

“The difference between the top teams and the teams lower down is too big.

“We need to have more teams racing together.

“I think the people involved have done a good job.

“I wouldn’t say it’s unfair to say it’s been dumbed down, because definitely the cleverer engineers will find ways and means of making a difference, but there are certainly not quite the freedoms that [there] were when I was more involved.”

Formula 1 will also introduce a budget cap in 2021, reducing the spending gap between the haves and the have nots.

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