Marko: Bernie slowed us down in our best years

Finley Crebolder

Helmut Marko claims that when Red Bull had the quickest car, they tried to hide its pace as Bernie Ecclestone would slow them down.

The Austrian team dominated the sport from 2010 to 2013, winning both the Driver’s Championship and the Constructors’ Championship in each of the four seasons.

However, various regulation changes in 2014 saw them surpassed by Mercedes, who has won every title ever since. It’s been the same story this season, with the German looking stronger than ever.

Marko says he’s surprised they’re openly displaying their dominance, as, if Red Bull did in their heyday, Bernie Eccelstone and Max Mosley would have done something about it.

“Why is Mercedes so openly demonstrating its superiority?” he wondered to Auto, Motor und Sport.

“In our good years, we didn’t try to drive every race so blatantly far ahead.

“The Mosley and the Bernie would have slowed us down immediately, which has happened often enough anyway.”

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Red Bull look to have fallen further behind Mercedes this season and are even under threat from Racing Point for P2 in the pecking order.

Mercedes A large issue seems to be the instability of the car, and Marko says that the problem areas have now been identified. 

“After all the examinations, we can say that the [issue] is in the aerodynamics,” he added.

“There is something wrong with the inflow. Bending the parts is certainly a point, but the airflow also breaks off for other reasons.

“We now know what works and what doesn’t. We continue to develop from this basis. We try to correct the errors as quickly as possible.

“That is why not all new parts come to the car in one go, but one by one so that we can see if there is a mistake anywhere has crept in.”

At the start of the season, Red Bull suggested that they would seek to develop of DAS, Mercedes’ innovative new steering system.

However, they will now focus on fixing the current issues that they’re facing before doing so, the head of the driver development programme says.

“DAS is off the table for now. We have to sort out our chassis problems first.”

Mercedes meanwhile has stated that the team will continue to work on developing DAS further, despite the fact that it will be banned from 2021 onwards.

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