Helmut Marko points the finger over Red Bull power struggle rumours

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Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko congratulates Max Verstappen for yet another race win.

Eddie Jordan warns Red Bull over rumours of team management unrest.

Said to be on the outs with Christian Horner, Helmut Marko reckons reports of a power struggle at Red Bull are because they’re winning too much and now “something has to be played up”.

According to Brazilian publication Globo, it’s not just Sergio Perez who needs to worry about his place at Red Bull, Marko’s job is also on the line.

With factors ranging from Horner having more control over AlphaTauri to the Briton being unhappy with Marko’s almost constant narrative in the media to Yuki Tsunoda’s future, Horner and Marko, it is claimed, are not seeing eye to eye.

Helmut Marko: Now something has to be played up

So much so Horner has been looking to oust Marko with sporting CEO Oliver Mintzlaff also part of the plot.

Horner rubbished the speculation, the Red Bull team boss saying he “wouldn’t be in the position” he is today were it not for Marko before going on to speak about the “very valuable role” the Austrian plays within the team.

As for Marko, he told Sky Sports that “everything is fine” and blamed the rumours on boredom.

“I think we are winning too much! There is no real news and now something has to be played up,” said the Red Bull motorsport advisor.

“In general, the structure and the climate in the team is fine. It is clear that there are small differences of opinion, but everything is fine.”

But while conceding Red Bull are having to “adapt and position themselves somewhat differently” after losing Dietrich Mateschitz, Marko says: “We are having Red Bull Racing’s most successful season ever. But that has nothing to do with how we act and treat each other.”

As for his relationship with Horner, Marko having raised eyebrows when he made it clear “Mr. Horner” will not be the one to tell him when it’s time to go, he insists all is well.

“We’ve known each other for 27 years. We built this up together,” said the 80-year-old.

“The division of labour looks like this: Christian does the operational stuff, I’m more into the strategy. That’s good. It’s worked so far and we’ll see that it works in the future too.”

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Meanwhile, Max Verstappen reiterated the importance of trust between himself, Marko and Horner with the reigning World Champion saying no one is going anywhere.

“The trust that we have – of course, I have in Helmut and Helmut in me – is very important. But that is the same as with Christian,” he said.

“After Dietrich died last year, a few new captains from the Austrian side were added. But that’s good. We have spoken. Everything actually stays the same as we did before.

“Everyone stays together, in the same role. That’s also important for us.”

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