Marko denies being ‘enemies’ with Wolff

Sam Cooper
Toto Wolff looks at Helmut Marko. Mexico, October 2017.

Mercedes' Toto Wolff looks at Red Bull's Helmut Marko. Mexico, October 2017.

Helmut Marko has denied he and Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff are “enemies” and said it is made more of in the media than reality.

The relationship between Red Bull and Mercedes has been far less frosty this season than it was last campaign, owing largely to the German team’s inability to compete for race wins currently.

But that does not mean there has been no moments of tension between the two and one is currently threatening to boil over with a mini civil war going in regards to a FIA proposal.

The sport’s governing body is seeking to introduce a change to the regulations that will limit the amount of porpoising a car produces but six teams, including Red Bull, are set to oppose this.

The FIA is allowed to make rule changes without the teams’ consent provided it is a matter of safety but arguments have been made that the regulations are being changed after significant lobbying from Mercedes who are one of the worst sufferers when it comes to the bouncing effect.

Red Bull advisor Marko noted that there is a common connection between the four teams that are reportedly on board with the FIA’s alteration after being asked by Austrian newspaper Osterreich if the FIA’s plans are being proposed with the idea of helping Mercedes.


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“Exactly,” the 79-year-old replied. “But that is out of the question. The teams that voted for it are McLaren, Aston Martin and Mercedes. Strangely enough, they are all teams with Mercedes engines. Is that a coincidence?

“The decisions are still a long way off. We have to come up with valid arguments. Just emphasising safety is not enough. Ferrari won’t accept that either.”

As the title race ramped up last season, Wolff alongside Christian Horner became the authors of frequent jabs between each other in the media, something that Marko also indulged in, but the Red Bull advisor has denied that he and his fellow Austrian Wolff are enemies.

“We are not enemies. It’s just that the subject is being blown up in the press. We are competitors, and it’s normal that there are psychological games sometimes.”

The interviewer then asked if Marko would be willing to participate in a TV talk show alongside Wolff and joked that he would “If Toto gets an invitation.”

As it stands, Mercedes are some way off Red Bull in the Constructors’ Championships as they trail by 126 points.