Helmut Marko labels leaked FIA budget cap report ‘defamatory’

Michelle Foster
Red Bull motorsport advisor Helmut Marko looking straight ahead. Spielberg July 2022.

Helmut Marko looking straight ahead in the Red Bull garage. Spielberg July 2022.

Helmut Marko is not impressed with rumours Red Bull broke the budget cap last season, saying that sort of thing “damages your reputation”.

Next week the FIA is expected to release the results of the first cost cap review into 2021’s accounts but already there are rumours swirling.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull and Aston Martin both exceeded last year’s $145 million cap with the Milton Keynes squad said to have done so “significantly”.

It wasn’t long before the story made its way around the paddock in Singapore, with Christian Horner insisting he was “not aware” of any breaches.

He added: “We’re confident in our submission. There’s always going to be rumours. I’ve heard of major breaches and whatever. I’m certainly not aware of that.”

With rival teams said to be baying for blood, the FIA were quick to put out a statement in which they said any breaches would be “dealt with”.

But while Formula 1 waits for the official budget reports, Red Bull are having to put out fires with Marko saying he isn’t at all impressed with the leak.

“The FIA ​​says they don’t know how this came out, but it’s weird that certain things from an ongoing process are being exposed. That’s defamatory,” the Red Bull motorsport advisor told Sky Deutschland.

“I just find it amazing that something like this gets public. It damages your reputation.

“Once the facts are clear, we can talk about it.

“I cannot comment on the procedure at all. From our point of view, however, we have not exceeded the cost limit.”

The 79-year-old did concede there were still “certain points” that need to be “clarified” given that not every penny in a team’s budget falls under the cap.

“It’s an ongoing process, there are ongoing discussions where certain points are being clarified. But we’re not really worried at the moment,” explained Marko.

“Points are listed that don’t even belong in the budget.

“Different accountants from the FIA ​​sit down with our accountants and then they discuss all kinds of things, for example about who works where within the Red Bull group.

“We have different companies: Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Red Bull Technology, Red Bull Powertrains. You have to be very clear in that distinction.”

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