Helmut Marko predicts Adrian Newey’s next F1 team… and it’s not who you think

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Helmut Marko smiling at Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey will leave Red Bull in 2025

Widely linked to Ferrari should he decide to continue in Formula 1, Helmut Marko says he cannot see Adrian Newey in red, but rather in a “great colour like green”.

And it just so happens Aston Martin are also said to be on the short-list to sign the much-lauded design genius.

‘Anything is possible with a great colour like green’

Red Bull announced in the build-up to the Miami Grand Prix that Newey would leave the team next season, having already stepped back from their Formula 1 operations.

The 65-year-old, whose Red Bull cars have won 13 championship titles and counting, will say goodbye to the team sometime in the first quarter of 2025.

But where he goes next, even Newey doesn’t know.

The design legend has been widely linked to Ferrari, and is said to have already had one meeting with a representative of the Scuderia, while Aston Martin are willing to put a big-bucks offer on the table.

According to Sky Sports’ Craig Slater, a “dozen people who know Adrian pretty well” have told him that Newey to Ferrari has “genuine potential”. He also says “30 people” have told him Aston Martin does not.

But according to Marko, someone who definitely does know Newey well, Aston Martin could be his preferred option.

“What colour do I see Newey in the future?” Marko said as per total-motorsport.com. “I think the red clashes a bit with the dark blue. But I think anything is possible with a great colour like green.”

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Fernando Alonso ‘always wanted to work’ with Adrian Newey

Should Marko’s prophecy come true, Newey would link up with Fernando Alonso for the first time despite both having careers that span decades.

The double World Champion is very much open to the idea.

“I always wanted to work with him once in my life,” he said in Miami. “I respect him a lot. I consider him the best probably F1 ever had, a legend of the sport.

“I feel in a way privileged to drive alongside him in the paddock, obviously as a competitor, but I feel lucky to be part of his journey and he was part of my journey in a way as well because I always competed against his cars.”

He revealed that when he had spoken with Red Bull about potentially joining the team, Newey had also been a part of those conversations.

“I was close a few times,” Alonso said. “Even spoke with him a few times because some of those meetings in the past were not only with Christian and Helmut, some of them was actually with Adrian.

“I always expressed my admiration to him and he was always sharing his respect also to me. Let’s see what he does in the future.”

But whether Newey joins Aston Martin, that’s a question for team owner Lawrence Stroll, not Alonso.

“It’s a question for Lawrence,” he said. “We are very happy with our technical department. Adrian is one of the best or the best out there but he needs to fit in a team.

“It’s more Lawrence’s decision than Adrian’s, ultimately, decision that needs to happen.”

For now, Alonso will have to be content with a Newey-designed roadcar in the Valykrie.

“I will have the Aston Martin Valykrie in my garage and that will be a little gift that I give to myself having Adrian Newey’s car!” he added.

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