Marko not happy with confusing RP20 ruling

Michelle Foster


Helmut Marko says he doesn’t understand how a team can be punished for something and yet still be allowed to use those parts in future races.

On Friday the FIA delivered its verdict into Racing Point’s brake ducts.

The stewards declared that while the front brake ducts were legal, an “evolution” of last year’s, the rears were Mercedes’ design.

And given that as of this season all the teams have to design and build their own ducts, that means they are illegal.

However, only from a sporting regulation, not a technical one as they do meet all the technical requirements laid out in the law.

Racing Point was deducted 15 points from its Styrian GP haul, fined 400,000 Euros and reprimanded for running the ducts in the Hungarian and British races.

Another reprimand followed on Sunday after the 70th Anniversary GP, again using for using the rear brake ducts, the same ducts that the FIA said they didn’t have to change given that are technically legal.

Marko, like many others, is baffled by the ruling.

“As a lawyer, it is very difficult to understand that you will be punished for something you have done, but that you will then be allowed to use the same parts in the three races that follow,” he told Sky F1.

“It’s weird that there’s only one penalty for it in the end.

“How long can you be reprimanded?

“It’s completely unbalanced now and not very well thought out.”

The Red Bull advisor added that the verdict was “unsatisfactory because it does not provide the clarification that we hoped for.

“I hope that this will happen in the appeal.”

Red Bull, however, haven’t appealed the verdict themselves.

On Saturday it was confirmed that Ferrari, Williams, Renault and McLaren had informed the FIA of their intention to appeal as too had Racing Point, although from a different standpoint.

Asked why Red Bull’s name wasn’t on the list, Marko explained: “We are not here because there are already enough teams that have appealed the penalty and of course Renault has already protested.”

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