Hilarious out-takes emerge from iconic Murray Walker and Damon Hill Pizza Hut advert

Jamie Woodhouse
Murray Walker and Damon Hill talk after Hill clinched the 1996 title at Suzuka.

Murray Walker and Damon Hill talk.

Anyone remember the old Pizza Hut advert starring Murray Walker and Damon Hill? A video has emerged which brings us some hilarious behind-the-scenes bloopers.

The year was 1995 and Hill was building his Formula 1 legacy, that season making it back-to-back P2 finishes in the Drivers’ Championship ahead of his sole title win the following year. It is no surprise then that Pizza Hut called upon the Brit to promote their brand, adding extra star power by enlisting legendary F1 commentator Murray Walker too.

Hilarious Damon Hill and Murray Walker Pizza Hut ad out-takes

Walker was doing what he did best, calling the action as he and Hill got stuck into some pizza, Walker’s “and Hill finishes second again” outburst – as Hill tucked into a pepperoni and cheese stuffed crust delight – met with a “watch it baldy” comeback from Hill.

And almost three decades on, we get to see some of the out-takes from the making of this commercial, including plenty of fluffed lines, an over-the-top ‘mmm’ from Walker and a sarcastic “congratulations Damon” from Pizza Hut themselves.

Give it a watch!

Murray Walker, a true F1 icon, sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 97, his “I have to stop, because I have a lump in my throat” line after Hill claimed his World title at Suzuka in 1996 forever linking the pair in F1 history.

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Hill would reflect on that line, the Pizza Hut advert and pay tribute to Walker, who had “a voice that was made for the microphone and for motor racing”.

“I had the uncomfortable job of grabbing Murray by the lapels and giving him a shake,” Hill told Sportsmail in reference to that Pizza Hut advert. “He was a much better actor than me.

“As for his comment about having a lump in his throat, it has become the tagline, the key phrase in my whole story. It took someone of his stature as a commentator to do that. I think he was genuinely emotional and happy for me and willing to convey that. I am eternally grateful to him to come out with one of those classic moments.

“He had a voice that was made for the microphone and for motor racing. A two-stroke engine voice from years hanging about motorcycling! He could just up the revs and cut through all the fluff of other noises in the background.”

Hill has established himself as a leading Formula 1 voice since his retirement as a pundit for Sky Sports.

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